​​Every success in my career is a result of my awareness, caring for and understanding people's emotions. I've learned to build customer-centric cultures by patiently listening and building bridges across an organization so that people have a voice and a stake in the process. Small wins are big wins. Building relationships with advanced interpersonal and customer service skills is a key to success with executives,  colleagues, employees, customers or vendors.

I founded Advanced Service Knowledge, to help companies reduce the learning curve of achieving customer driven growth and help them make confident technology decisions. Why? Because it is up to 7x costlier to find new customers than to get more from your existing happy customers. My focus is on early adoption of CX programs because costs grow exponentially as the company grows.

Customer Care used to be considered a "cost center" to service them after the fact.  Operationally, you must kill tactic. Due to the Internet of Things (IoT)today's customer is far more informed and does not rate your company within your industry.  They are no longer just comparing you against your competition. They are first comparing you against every other company experience.  Its vital to monetize the Customer Experience and devote the budget and long term strategy for your CX programs. 

My diverse 30+ year career is immersed in improving the customer's journey; the experience with a company.

  • I've managed customer facing teams for Fortune 500 companies in the technology and automotive industries.
  • Managed world-class IT teams who delivered outstanding IT service and support for 1000 employees. 
  • Developed  and taught Soft Skills training workshops for the state's Mass One Stop Career Centers.
  • Recognized by BMW for achieving the highest customer satisfaction service rating (CSI and CSAT) of the ten largest New England BMW dealerships. ​

HOW CAN I be of service to YOU?

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I love what I do and I can be of great service to you. Let's connect and have a conversation.  Please send a quick note to or call 617-275-2276.   I'm looking forward to being of service. -Thank You

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