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Long before I started working on cars, my Dad taught me how to use tools to help him with carpentry, painting, plumbing, and electrical. I loved working with tools and it just came naturally.

In 2000,  IT jobs were shipped over seas as part of massive layoffs during the DotCom bubble burst. IT jobs were very hard to come by so I started a commercial and residential remodeling company that also included computer networks and home theater. 

In 2008, the mortgage and housing industry tanked the economy. I made it to 2010  and went back to IT. 

When the company I then worked for acquired its largest competitor, the deal included 26 additional offices around the world. I was the IT Manager when I accepted a newly created position of National Technical Facilities and Vendor Relations Manager (hard to fit on a business card).  In this role I worked closely with the CFO, COO, CTO, VP Operations and VP IT. I managed a remote team across the country and was responsible for network infrastructures, office build-outs, remodels, office moves,  vendor management and contracts. 

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