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A great leader provides positive re-enforcement during an employee's training. They will engage them by asking for opinions and ideas. They inspire by making the employee feel valued. They are generous with their recognition of a job well done. A great leader will support people's decisions and in some cases allow them to make mistakes as a learning opportunity. A great leader knows that people will have failures, and teach them to fail small, learn and move on.  A great leader holds people accountable for mistakes and gives them the spotlight when there is success. A great leader doesn’t wait until the annual review to inform someone whether or not they have hit their marks. A great leader will monitor performance with informal reviews to help them attain their goals. If they wish to grow, they must already be performing at the next level.  A great leader creates the next leaders and only promotes people to leadership roles who are ready or are groomed to lead. 

A great leader knows how and when to resist the urge to take control. They nourish by clearly defining goals and allowing people to think for themselves and offer solutions. They then step back and monitor progress.  A great leader makes certain that people understand exactly what is expected of them personally and what is expected from their work. They regularly review metrics to make sure people stay on course and help readjust when required. A great leader encourages people to ask questions without fear of being criticized but also asks the hard questions in return.


I've MANAGed CUSTOMER Facing teams who were recognized for delivering world class customer experiences in INDUSTRIES SUCH AS TECHNOLOGY, AUTOMOTIVE DEALER SERVICE, CONSTRUCTION AND HOME REMODELING. My philosophy is simple and described below

Great leaders listen to their people and know what their goals are both professionally and personally. They challenge people with opportunities to learn and grow. They understand their people's capabilities and make sure they have the tools and the skills to excel at their job. 

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