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Chicago, IL: IT/Network build-out, Union Building, 15th floor 30,000 sq-ft

  • Collaborated with all management teams
  • Designed schematic for power, data and voice
  • Contracted and managed Union wiring contractors
  • Contracted ISPs for redundant fiber circuits
  • Personally racked and patched servers, firewalls and switches for production systems, users and phones
  • Contracted Union HVAC contractor for server and production rooms AC
  • Contracted Union Security and Access control vendor
  • Coordinated consolidation and moving of two Chicago offices to this new space
  • Documented process for future office build-outs

 MA: Build-out of 7th floor 20,000 sq ft office 

  • Collaborated with COO, CTO and CFO and VP IT
  • Move from 3rd floor
  • Complete build-out of  gutted office space,
  • Designed office floor plan, cubicle layout, electrical and data wiring
  • Contracted and managed trade sub-contractors for data wiring, HVAC, plumbing, paint, carpet, kitchen design, new cubicles and office furniture
  • Move to 7th floor performed in phases. Coordinated availability of services, circuits/networks so simultaneously available on both floors
  • Personally racked and patched servers, firewalls, switches and phones
  • Coordinated final move of all personnel

Company acquired 22 corporate offices in redundant locations as part of acquisition

  • Closed sixteen offices by consolidating three offices in NY, three in IL, two in TX, two in MI, four in CA, two in KY, one in London
  • Coordinated remodel of offices in CA and MI to accommodate additional employees
  • Collaborated with managers to coordinate moves of all personnel, equipment and furniture, including contracting moving companies.
  • Reviewed all vendor contracts and cancelled all services, utilities, ISPs at closed offices
  • Arranged for international shipping of servers and firewalls to NY from London
  • Arranged sale or donation of unused furniture and equipment

Office Build-outs