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Training & Development

I founded "Advanced Service Knowledge" to help build exceptional employees who deliver customer driven growth through improved customer experiences. 

I can develop customized training materials and offer on-site presentations. 

​I developed and taught Soft Skills training workshops for the state's Mass One Stop Career Centers. 

Poor soft skills inhibit a company's success and growth. Management's failing to recognize and reward employees that posses them also inhibits company growth. Both contribute to costly high turnaround and delivering a poor customer experience. Investing in your people and rewarding exceptional employees with growth opportunities sends a strong positive message.

HOW CAN I be of service to YOU?

The hard truth is

many people in your organization,

managers included,

Likely require Personal Skills training. ​

Even organizations with healthy balance sheets will realize across-the-board improvement with investments to nurture employee soft skills. Soft skills include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, customer service skills, conflict resolution, body language, phone etiquette, communications, proper attire, and even personal hygiene to name a few.  Other soft skills include time management, self motivated and many others.  Download my free eBook "Exceptional Employees: A Guide to the Right Skills"