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HOW CAN I be of service to YOU?

Today's thriving organizations are the result of only one group of people:  Promoters! Who are these promoters? 

Your customers and your employees.

Promoters are people can't wait to tell other people great things about your company.  They're evangelists telling great stories about  your company! With so many bad stories and bad news these days, good stories now spread faster than bad. Finally!

For business, however,  customer AND  employee stories spread like wildfire on social media but people's hearts open up when the hear great customer stories or employee praises and raises. 

What character, however,  is your company playing in their story? Hero? Villain?

Have no doubt, you are one or the other and statistically according to Harvard, only 8% of customers think companies are providing great customer experiences. 

I love helping companies be heroes and can be of great service to you.  Let's connect and just have a conversation. Please send a quick note to or call 617-275-2276Check out my Blog and learn more about how I can help improve your Customer Experience program. ​



I learned a life altering lesson at 17 years old when I sold a washing machine to Tom Hamilton, Aerosmith's Bass Player

I started playing bass three years earlier, and "Tom" was one of my "God's."

After Tom left,  the store owner said to me, "That's how you should treat every customer, like they're your idol."

Those words became a cornerstone of my career.


Customers Are Gold
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